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General Conditions Apartments

The establishment La Residencia Apartamentos requests a series of general conditions to be fulfilled by guests.

General rules

Check in is from 15:00 to 20:00 on the day of your arrival.

You must inform us of your arrival time at least 1 day before your arrival. If you want to arrive later you must let us know one hour before your original arrival time. If not, the reservation will be considered cancelled, and you will be charged for a “no show” and the booking will be cancelled.

The client must present at check in a valid identity document for all guests older than 16 who wish to stay at the apartments, in addition to paying a deposit of € 200.00 in cash. This deposit will be refunded on departure.

When the clients accept the key and access to the apartments, they also accept the terms and conditions of the establishment, which are considered to be automatically incorporated in the contract of the additional services.

In the case that the customer leaves without paying, the invoice and proof of payment charged to your card will be sent by email or regular mail.

Full payment for the reservation must be made on the day of the check in.

All personal information collected at the time of check in (name, ID number, telephone number or additional information) is protected under data protection law. You can find more information in our privacy policy.

Check Out will be from one hour after Check In until 11:30 a.m. on the day of your departure.

It is possible to arrange a later check out until 15:00 hours, incurring an additional cost of 40,00€. As long as the establishment has availability and it has been previously agreed.

Failure to comply with this rule implies the acceptance of the guest to be evicted or to have applied to their invoice an extra charge of one night even if they have not staying the full period of a booking.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the property.

We remind you that smoking is prohibited in all common areas of the establishment and in the apartments, except in the areas spoecifically designated for this purpose. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the customer must pay an extra charge of 250,00€ per apartment.

The hours of silence are from 22:00 to 08:00 hours.

Cots are available in our rooms, but must be requested beforehand by guests.

Only children from 0 to 2 years old can sleep in the cots.

The cot is free of charge.

Babies from 0 to 24 months sleeping in existing beds

Babies up to 24 months are free of charge when sleeping in existing beds.

Persons not registered in the reservation

Any extra person, who is not registered in the reservation, will have to pay the corresponding supplement upon arrival at the establishment, regardless of whether they occupy the same bed as their companion.

Children over the age of 24 months must pay the corresponding fee, regardless of whether they sleep in their parents’ bed or not.

The same applies to adults.

You are not allowed to have more people in an apartment than the apartment allows.

To avoid any problem at the time of arrival, due to lack of availability, please ensure you reserve an apartment large enough for your entire party.

If you have made an online reservation on our website, you must provide a credit card number in order to make the corresponding payment or deposit.

The credit card must be the property of the holder of the reservation. We do not accept credit cards without prior authorization from the credit card holder.

If you have made a reservation via email, the same conditions apply as for booking on the website.

If you choose the non-refundable rate, the conditions of the non-refundable rate apply. The total amount will be paid at the time of booking. The establishment will request the customer’s identity card or passport in order to issue the invoice.

The general rules of the establishment are available to all customers in the apartment book. It is obligatory for all guests to comply with these reules. Failure to comply can result in the payment of an extra charge or the possibility of immediate expulsion from our establishment in case of non-compliance.

At the bottom of this page we attach a copy of the conditions of coexistence for the apartments.

All guests are responsible for their personal belongings, both in common areas and in the apartments. If the client wishes to store personal valuables, there is a safe in the apartment or at reception.

If and when the staff of the establishment finds left belongings in the apartment once the guest has checked out, we will pack the object with the name of the holder of the reservation and room number. The establishment will store the object(s) for a maximum of 30 calendar days.

The establishment never processes the shipment of the object by mail or by carrier, the customer must contact and hire the services of a carrier and notify the establishment of the day and time of collection.

Food and/or drinks found in the apartments will not be kept due to health regulations.

The establishment operates different seasons, as our destination is very variable.

Seasons can vary from year to year, depending on the date of Easter, long weekends and holidays, etc. Rates may vary overthese periods.

For your ease in finding the best rate, we recommend that you consult our online booking search engine. or contact us: +34 951 088 929.

La Residencia Tarifa Apartments defines harassment as “repeated inappropriate behavior, whether direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, carried out by one or more persons against another or other persons, in the workplace and / or in the performance of their work.” Such behavior violates the company’s Code of Ethics, which clearly states that all employees are to be treated with dignity and respect. Indirect or direct threats of violence, incidents of actual violence and suspicious persons or activities should be reported as soon as possible to an employee or to management. When reporting a threat or incident of violence, the employee should be as specific and detailed as possible.

Customers must respect the furniture of the establishment. In case of damage or extreme dirtiness both in common areas and in the rooms, the establishment will proceed to charge the relevant expenses. In addition to the furniture we also include televisions, TV controls, mirrors, hairdryer, towels, etc..

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the common areas as well as in the rooms. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the establishment reserves the right to penalize the customer with a fine of 250 €/apartment.

Any scandal caused by the client in the common areas or in the apartments is considered a serious offence. As well as disrespecting the staff, shouting, threats, physical and psychological abuse to staff or other customers. In this case, the police will be called and the client will be directly expelled from the establishment.

Customers are entitled to complaint forms and to consult the regulations of the establishment at all times. They will always be at your disposal.

In case of termination of the accommodation contract;

The establishment has the right to terminate the accommodation contract for breach of regulations, without refund or compensation in accommodation for the dates not enjoyed.

Customers who have been expelled from the establishment have no right of reservation on future occasions.

The accommodation and any bills detailed in the reservation must be paid 100% before check in.

Invoices can be paid in cash or by credit card. You can also pay by bank transfer at least 5 days before your arrival.

Checks are not accepted.

In the event that a refund is processed by the establishment, it will be made in the same form as which payment was made. If the customer paid by credit card, a credit will be issued in the same way. Any payment will be enclosed with the corresponding invoice.

All extras that will be issued during your stay must be paid at the time of check out. In case the customer leaves without paying the extras they will be charged to the credit card left at the time of check in as a deposit. In case of not having money available or no deposit, the establishment will sue the customer according to current legislation.

If the reservation requires a deposit, this payment must be made by bank transfer.


Pets are accepted in the apartments as long as you give us prior notice. This will incur an additional cost of 15,00€/pet.

Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pet. Pets must be kept on a leash in the common areas and may not be left alone in the apartments.

2 pets are allowed per apartment.

We ask pet owners to respect other guests by following these rules;

Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pet. They must keep the pet on a leash in the common areas and may not leave them alone in the apartments.

Max. 2 pets allowed per apartment.

We ask pet owners to respect other guests

Pets are not allowed in the pool area.

Do not allow pets to climb onto beds, sofas, armchairs, etc. If you want to dry or clean its paws after a walk, do not use the towels of the establishment. Ask us for special towels which we will be happy to provide.

The owner is responsible for all and any damage caused beyond the cleaning of the room. Additional charges may be applied to your card in the event that the pet causes disorder, damage to furniture or hygiene problems.

If another guest complains about your pet’s barking, noise or behavior, you must remove it from the premises.

You must have all the necessary legal documentation which may be required at any time by the management of the establishment. Your pet must have the appropriate medical certificates confirming up-to-date vaccinations.

Payment cancellation conditions

Depending on the agency or tour operator with whom the client has booked there are different cancellation clauses.

For bookings made directly with the establishment, we work with two forms of cancellation:

1-The client has the right to cancel the reservation. Each reservation contains the cancellation clauses, payment details, deposit etc.

2-At the time of booking the establishment may request a payment or advance payment of your stay. However, if you cancel within the period stipulated in the reservation, the establishment will issue a voucher for the same amount that can be redeemed within a period indicated on the voucher.

Accommodation cancellation:

During their stay the customer can cancel their accommodation and leave earlier than planned. If the booking has been made through a tour operator or online point of sale external to the establishment, there is no refund of money, you should consult with the travel agency about thier relevant cancellation clauses. In the event that the reservation has been processed directly with the establishment, the establishment will proceed to manage payment of the amount, taking into account that the departure must be made before 11:30 am and that we charge 100% of one night cancellation.

From the establishment we can process cancellations on the pages of Booking, Expedia and our website in case the customer wants to change the dates of accommodation applying the conditions of cancellation and modification.

The establishment is not responsible for problems caused by transfers, bus services, trains, etc.

The establishment allows access to pets, as long as you have processed the reservation for pet previously. The owners of pets must bring up to date documentation and are responsible at all times for their behavior. If the animal causes damage or material damage or physical damage to a worker of the establishment or other customers, the owner will be responsible for it. Excluding the establishment of any complaint.

Clients are forbidden to use any type of explosive or inflammable element in the apartments.

In the event of a refund, the establishment will process the refund using the same method as which the payment was made (credit card, transfer/cash…) and always subtracting the management fees, bank commissions and transfer or credit card costs.

From the establishment we offer two types of reservations with different cancellation clauses. You will be able to see the clause at the time of booking, 

Our flexible web tariff allows the customer to cancel free of charge with the defined 7 days notice.

Late cancellations or no-shows are subject to a penalty. Cancellation fees within the periods indicated above are one night.

Non-refundable rate: the establishment requests payment of 100% of the stay at the time of booking. This payment is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.

Any “No shows” will be charged at 100% of the total amount of the reservation up to a maximum of 3 nights (the first three nights) of the stay.

La Residencia reserves the right to cancel reservations for reasons of “force majeure”, for the client not showing up at the established time and for non-payment by the client of the amount of the reservation according to the established conditions.

In circumstances where La Residencia is unable to maintain bookings or provide services offered, a full refund of the amount paid will be made or an alternative accommodation in a similar category establishment will be offered.

The establishment has the right to terminate the accommodation contract for non-compliance with the rules, without refund.

During the period of the reservation the client can cancel his stay and leave earlier than planned, taking into account that there are cancellation clauses. If the booking has been processed with a travel agency, you should contact them and consult their penalty clauses. Each travel agency has different regulations.

If the reservation is direct with us, the establishment will charge a 100% one night penalty (as long as guests leave the apartment before 11;30hr) plus the nights stayed. The rest of the amount will be returned using the same method in which you paid.

Non-refundable reservations are non-refundable, the penalty is 100%.

Handling of complaints and claims

In La Residencia Apartments we place great importance on clinet feedback, complaints and suggestions. This allows us to understand any causes of dissatisfaction regarding their stay and the services received.

Feedback from our guests allows us to continually improve.

SCOPE: This regulation affects all complaints and suggestions received by customers.

After implementation of methods to correct the suggestion, we carry out a follow-up to evaluate its effectiveness. We then respond to the client, detailing the measures taken and thanking them for their contribution to continuous improvement.

ACTIONS AFTER THE VERBAL COMPLAINT: when we receive a complaint from a customer, we record it in our incident book. We then solve the problem and note in the same book the solution provided or the action we have taken to initiate the process of solving it.

COMPLAINT SHEETS: we have official complaint sheets available to customers who request them.

The establishment reserves the right of admission regardless of whether it is a customer with a reservation processed by travel agency or directly with the establishment. In the case of money having being paid on the booking, the necessary steps will be taken for the corresponding refund, as detailed in our general regulations.

Expulsion of a guest after check in has been processed

The establishment reserves the right to judge what are acceptable levels of noise or behavior of its customers.

The establishment will give prior notice to the customer of any misbehavior, in the event that the customer does not comply with the requests or any other rules of the establishment, the establishment reserves the right to cancel any reservation or terminate any event immediately, without being obliged, to reimburse the reservation or process any compensation.


The establishment has the right to immediately terminate the accommodation contract, both in stays from tour operators and online points, as well as direct bookings made with the establishment, provided that the customer has repeatedly breached one or more rules and this has been communicated.

The costs of replacing damages, loss of keys, as well as bills for outstanding extra charges not paid upon departure, will be charged from the deposit or from the credit card. If no security deposit has been paid, the establishment will be prepared to take guest to court in accordance with the regulations in force. The establishment has a margin of 24 hours to process the corresponding collection and process the invoice.

The establishment reserves the right to require both individuals and groups a deposit of 200,00€ in cash per booking, which will be returned on the day of departure, when the apartments have been checked and the keys have been returned.

The establishment assumes no liability for bodily injury to customers, in the event that the customer has acted recklessly. If the physical damage is between several people, the relevant authorities will deal with the matter.

The establishment assumes no legal responsibility for luggage left in the apartments or forgotten in common areas (bicycles, surfboards or kiteboards, etc). It is also not responsible for cars parked on the property or for the loss of money or electronic items.

Customers must respect both the day and night schedules (especially the night hours), with respect to noise levels. It will only take a complaint from a customer for the staff of the establishment to request that no more noise is made, both in public areas and in the rooms.

For our security and yours, it is forbidden to allow people in your apartment who are not registered at the check in to the apartment.

It is forbidden to have parties in your apartment.